Startup of the Week: A Jeddah-based store offering eco-friendly alternatives

Tue, 2021-02-16 00:07

C.B. Jeddah is a store where you can find high-quality, handmade coconut and wooden bowls, which are ideal for all kinds of food, from ice cream to soups, salads and even hot curry. The Jeddah-based store ships orders all over the Kingdom.
Shaima Agil, a public administration student, inaugurated the store last month.
The idea came to her when she decided to adopt a more health-conscious lifestyle and went online to look for recipes. “I saw a picture of a smoothie in a coconut bowl, and I was fascinated by how beautiful it was! It was hard to get one here in Saudi Arabia, though, so I thought: Why don’t I buy these bowls myself and try to sell them here? I’ve been always interested in natural, environment-friendly products, so I bought many bowls and created an Instagram account to display them.”
The startup is planning to add wooden utensils, bamboo straws and key charms made from coconut shells to its line of products.
C.B. Jeddah imports its bowls from Indonesia, where coconut palms grow in abundance and where talented local artisans make the bowls by hand.
Agil explained that artisans first split the coconuts in half, drain them of water, carve out the flesh, then craft and polish them gently until they shine.
“Nature gives us everything we need, so let’s be nice and not harm it with industrial waste,” she said.
Environmental sustainability was at the heart of her startup.
“The huge amounts of coconuts used by companies to produce their different products result in much waste. Some countries burn them, which increases carbon and other harmful emissions. That is why reclaiming them and recycling them helps our planet.”
Customers can text C.B. Jeddah via direct messages on their Instagram account @c.b.jeddah.
“Our products are suitable for those who love nature, decorating and food photography. They also make great gifts,” said the founder.

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Source: AN-Food and Health
Startup of the Week: A Jeddah-based store offering eco-friendly alternatives