What We Are Buying Today: BEES

Sat, 2021-02-20 00:53

BEES is a Saudi brand that supports the production of local and imported honey, and aims to spread awareness about bees and healthy food.
The company works with beekeepers and food producers from around the world to bring the finest products to the Saudi market.
BEES offers a variety of raw honey products and types, including white clover, twohig, konak and manuka, in small and large jars.
Manuka honey is said to possess natural medicinal and antibacterial powers, and is ranked according to a “unique manuka factor,” which indicates its healing properties.
The company’s portable mini honey packets allow honey to be taken anywhere. The 5 gm packets are available in all honey types, and will help you start your day with a healthy dose of sweetness in your tea or hot drink.
For more information visit Instagram @bees.sa or check linktr.ee/BEES.SA

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Source: AN-Food and Health
What We Are Buying Today: BEES