What We Are Eating Today: Debyazah

Sat, 2021-02-13 01:00

Debyazah is a luxurious Saudi catering brand founded by hospitality artist Nouf Masoud.
The name Debyazah reflects a Hejazi recipe mainly served as an Eid Al-Fitr breakfast dish.
Debyazah’s catering is inspired by the concept of luxury, royal canape food. Made by a well-trained culinary team, the brand offers something beyond the usual catering food — the creation of delicious, entertaining bundles of finger food with an artistic touch.
The company offers four catering services, including buffets, receptions, seated and dinner for two experiences, if you want to surprise a loved one. Each service contains sophisticated options, from fine dining to main stations, salads, appetizers and desserts.
Debyazah’s menu is unique, as it offers an array of signature dishes that will leave you satisfied, such as the classic gelato tower inspired by Le Grand Venise in Paris. It is delicious, attractive and extravagant.
The brand has served high-end international brands, such as Swarovski and Mercedes-Benz, and has catered Saudi royal weddings.
For those who like to make special occasions unforgettable, Debyazah resembles the elite premium hospitality experience of royals.
For more information visit Instagram @debyazah.

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What We Are Eating Today: Debyazah