What We Are Eating Today: Oak Berry

Sat, 2020-08-22 00:47

With many people now following personal fitness programs, demand for healthy food alternatives continues to rise.
Numerous healthy options for savory items are already available in Saudi Arabia but when it comes to finding guilt-free desserts the choices can sometimes be limited.
However, Oak Berry claims to have provided a tasty solution with a simple menu offering an acai bowl or smoothie.
Its bowl can be layered with toppings such as chopped cashews, hazelnuts, and slivered almonds and as well as nuts customers can pick and mix from chia seeds, coconut flakes, granola, and Oak Berry’s organic peanut butter.
Sweetened acai berries provide the perfect partner to all of the dessert ingredients and after discovering Oak Berry, for me, an acai bowl now trumps any kind of ice cream.

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Source: AN-Food and Health
What We Are Eating Today: Oak Berry